Melissa ( USA): "I can recommend it to everyone!

I loved that I controlled the pace of the run."

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Why let your holidays or business trip stop you?

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& Running

Madrid Sightrunning combines running (jogging) with sightseeing to help you discover the secret spots of Madrid. So are you one of those travellers who can't leave without their running shoes? You're at the right place!

Sneak Preview

Sightrunning through Madrid will lay out a map for you in the beginning of the trip and make navigating the city a breeze.

The sightrunning tours are always run at a pace enjoyable for all runners and will give you an excellent idea of what Spain's capital has to offer!

All Runners

Our Sightrunning tours are suitable for runners of absolutely all levels, run at a speed of aproximately 6 miles an hour. However, if you want longer and/or faster tours, we can adapt to your wishes by Personalizing a tour.


Every Sightrunning Tour starts at an (easy to find) metro station. There we simply meet at the programmed or agreed hour.

All Year

All year round! Madrid's excellent climate permits us to run all year round at any time of the day. Only in summer we're limited to the cooler morning hours.

All Places

From the narrow streets of 16th century Madrid - filled with characteristic tapas bars and flamenco venues - to the peace and quiet of the city's woods and untouched mountains (at just a half an hour drive) that make Europe's top five tourist attraction unique. Madrid has it all and MSR shows the way!


1. Because you see and learn more in less time.

2. Because while doing so, you'll be running.

3. Because it's the perfect first contact with Madrid to find out what to visit.

4. Because our guides love Madrid and love the sport.

5. Because it's just a whole lot of fun!

Trail Running

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